संबद्ध बरकतुल्लाह विश्व विद्यालय, भोपाल

Rules & Regulations : 


Admission and Academic Rules :-

  • For admission in any 3-year regular under graduate degree, the age of general and OBC category students should be maximum 23 years and age of SC /ST category students should be maximum 26 years. Students older than this are not eligible for regular studies.
  • There is no age limit for girls and women.
  • Online Admission System: – From 2013-14, the admission process for Degree/ Diploma has been made online by the Department of Higher Education. Either from the college or from an Internet cafe register on the portal of higher education department https://epravesh.mponline.gov.in/ for admission in the course you want. Select Maharana Pratap College in the registration and then verify all the original documents at the Nodal / Verification Center, and later submit that copy / printout to the college.
  • After the above process, there will be seat allotment on merit basis and the college and course will be allotted according to the choice given by the student.
  • The admission process is in two or three stages, if the college is not allotted in the first phase, then the student’s application will be processed for the second stage admission process and admission will be given by counseling in CLC round in the college. After this, it will be mandatory for the student to deposit the fees in the college. After this, the admission process will be completed.
  • The above online admission process is completed between May and June 30, after the closure of the online portal, after this the student will not get admission.
  • For the above admission process, students must bring all their basic certificates and their 3 self-attested photocopies with 5 photographs.
  • Basic TC for admission to degree / diploma is mandatory. Therefore, please submit TC as soon as possible for admission, if the student is not of MP Board / Barkatullah University then it is mandatory to attach the migration as well, only then enrollment will be done. If in case TC is not available immediately, the student should submit a declaration that in how many days he will submit the TC.
  • Gap Certificate: It is mandatory to submit the Gap Certificate (Affidavit- Notary certified) if you have 1 or more years of gap in study after 12th / Graduation.
  • If the private student wants regular admission, then he / she will get admission as a regular student in III Semester (second year) only after passing I and II semester. /1st year, Similarly, if student wants admission in Vth semester (3rd year) then it is necessary to pass the first and second year completely, only then that student can get admission as a regular student in the third year.
  • Identity Card: – It is mandatory for every student to get the identity card at the time of admission, without it, there is no entry in class/lab/library.
  • Attendance: – As per rules of Higher Education Department and University, 75% attendance in class of each student is mandatory. There will be a 15% exemption in the presence due to illness etc.
  • Students will have to pay penalty for attendance less than 75%. For the eligibility of all scholarships and examination 75% attendance is mandatory. In the absence of this, scholarship will also not be available.
  • Discipline: – It is expected from all the college students that they remain in discipline in the college campus, keep their character and behavior perfect and follow the rules of the institution, disregard of rules will be punishable.


Keep Attention:  The following works fall under indiscipline and punishable category under which the guilty students can be blacklisted by expulsion from the fine / class or college:

  1. Taking ragging or harassing junior students.
  2. The use of Gutkha / Pan / Tobacco Smoking or any type of Narcotics is completely forbidden / prohibited by the government in the college, even after this, if used then strict action will be taken against it.
  3. Continually absent in classrooms without any cause or notice.
  4. Non-payment of college fees on time.
  5. Breaking or damaging property of the institution.
  6. To behave indecently with teachers and office staff.
  7. Use of Un Fair Means (UFM) in examination.
  8. Involvement in any activity involving strike etc.
  9. Engaging in any type of crime.
  10. Not wearing college uniform and not completing the given work.



Discipline Committee:

“A Discipline Committee has been formed by the college which looks after the broad interests of the students and matters of discipline. Decisions to be taken in favour of or against the student are taken by this committee.”