संबद्ध बरकतुल्लाह विश्व विद्यालय, भोपाल

What to do ……

Practical exams test students’ practical skills
• They can be administered individually, in pairs or small groups.

These types of performance exams require you to demonstrate your skills,
capabilities and knowledge in a practical or field setting.
• You will be better placed to perform well in a practical exam if you can report your methodology and observations accurately.

Remain calm and confident.
• If you have prepared well you will have developed the necessary skills and
understandings required.
• Use the reading time to plan an efficient schedule for completing the tasks
• Divide your time and energy according to the weighting of tasks.
• Be sure to schedule some exam time to answer the questions asked, especially if you are asked to describe the method used and report the observations.