संबद्ध बरकतुल्लाह विश्व विद्यालय, भोपाल

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Yashwant Pratap Singh Rathod

Writing Unterschrift Sticker by Montblanc for iOS & Android | GIPHYA Decade of Rigorous Teaching, Leading and Learning –

On behalf of our team of the management and teaching for Educational Leadership, I am writing to wish a happy and learningfulthis year to all of students, peers and supporters. I write this year with hope and optimism for what the coming decade will hold for students, educators and college communities. For our team, the past year was an exciting one in which we released a new vision and mission.

Maharana Pratap College of Science & Technology (MPCST) vision and mission energizes our students, MPCST enters this new decade with a passion to see how far we can push ourselves and support our students to create limitless bright futures.

At the heart of our work is the conviction that teaching and learning will only truly improve if leaders commit to the student experience as a crucial lever for change. If the past decade was one in which teachers’ and leaders’ primary job was implementation of standards, evaluation systems and programs. MPCST goals is Teaching, Learning and Leading.


Yashwant Pratap Singh Rathod